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Whether you are remodeling, renovating or building a new home, Goddard vinyl windows deliver unmatched beauty and state-of-the-art performance for energy savings, reduced maintenance and a more comfortable home.

Each window is custom-made from virgin vinyl resin combined with the best stabilizers and impact modifiers for consistent color and strength.

Goddard's insulated glass units use the latest technology to ensure the best possible insulation performance and seal strength. And we feature a wide array of styles, decorative options, complementary trim selections and performance  packages for a fully customizable product to suit your personal style.

Goddard windows are custom-made to fit your current window openings precisely. They  are easier to install because they require no additional wall construction, in comparison to stock windows found at your local retailer.
Featuring a broad range of styles; from single- and double-hung, sliding, fixed lite, casement and awning, bay, bow and garden window models – and even patio doors.

Without compromising performance or beauty, Goddard's unlimited choice of products are designed to bring your vision to reality, because we understand that your vision has no limitations.

Why Settle for White or Tan?
Our Windows Come in 10 Colors!!!

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Welcome Home

The entrance to your house is more than just a door, it is the focal point of your home. We take this to heart at Goddard Home Exteriors. That is why you will find beauty, quality and energy-efficiency in the door system we will make especially for you.
Our doors are engineered and constructed to give you and your family a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Energy Efficient
Goddard is committed to energy efficiency. Trust that ENERGYSTAR® qualified products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).
Make a difference for the environment while also saving energy and money

Low Maintenance
We want your new entrance to look great and function well with minimum upkeep. All that is needed to protect the finish is an annual application of polyurethane.
Protect your door jamb with vinyl coated aluminum cladding that matches your door color.
The Standard Composite Framesaver® door frame is warranted for life against rot at the base.

We off Schlage® Hardware with warranted finishes and moving parts.

Elegant Look
For the crisp look of a freshly painted door, choose the smooth surface. For the warm feel of wood, choose wood-grain texture. The surface emulates a traditionally constructed wood door. Grain direction is horizontal on the stiles and vertical on the posts and panels.

Invite in the Light
Our glass lites are assembled with meticulous hand craftsmanship. Natural qualities of the glass fill the metal framework with moving light.
Three caming finishes make each piece or art glass even more unique.
Welcome even more light into your home by expanding the height and width of your entryway with sidelites and a transom.
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Exceptionally energy-smart and weathertight, Goddard windows, patio doors, and entry doors not only reduce fuel consumption needed to heat and cool homes, they also have a long service life and achieve optimal material use and minimal waste in production. Designed for superior thermal performance, Goddard windows with Energy Star® qualified insulated glass packages can help reduce energy costs year round and further reduce consumption of fossil fuels.

At Goddard Home Exteriors, virtually all in-plant vinyl scrap is recycled into other useful products, further reducing the volume and environmental impact of waste. And because vinyl never needs to be painted, it helps eliminate paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from entering the waste stream or releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Vinyl windows and patio doors also are eco-friendly because vinyl resin is derived largely from common salt - a renewable and abundant natural resource!

DID YOU KNOW? Goddard Vinyl Windows...
  • Are so durable that the vast majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use.  And, at the end of their useful life - like all vinyl - they can be recycled. 1
  • Reduce electricity usage! A study conducted by Franklin Associates found that using vinyl over alternative framing options saves the U.S. nearly 2 trillion BTUs of energy per year - enough to meet the yearly electrical needs of 20,000 single-family homes.
  • Vinyl can be reprocessed and recycled repeatedly. Scrap is routinely recycled into other vinyl products. In fact, 99% of the vinyl used by processors goes into a finished product. 1
  • More than 8 million pounds of window profile waste is diverted from landfills annually thanks to successful buy-back programs. 1

1-A Clear View-Vinyl Windows and the Environment. American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) & The Vinyl Institute (VI). March 2007