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From the very first house we installed our Low-Maintenance siding on, we've been raising the bar on appearance and performance.
Today, our advanced technology delivers stronger, more rigid siding systems that hug the home tighter, as well as rich, long-lasting colors and subtle textures that capture the authentic look of wood. Trim and accessories are available in a full range of styles and complementary colors for a completely custom look.
Whether you are remodeling a Victorian jewel or building a new home, whatever your budget, you will find that Goddard's vinyl siding offers the choice and value you're looking for.

There's a reason vinyl siding is the most popular choice for remodeling or new construction – even historic renovation. It delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the costly, time-consuming maintenance and repairs. Vinyl won't split, peel or rot. And because its color goes clear through the panel, it never needs to be scraped, stained or painted.

Goddard's vinyl siding is manufactured with proprietary designs and ingredients to deliver greater durability, rigidity and wind resistance; more attractive, fade-resistant colors; more authentic touches and historical details. Maintenance? All you need is a garden hose to keep your siding looking great for years to come.

Whether you require exceptional appearance and the highest level of quality and performance or you're looking for value without compromise, there's a Goddard siding system within our extensive selection to meet your needs perfectly!
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Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a chore.

Easy-care Goddard soffit provides a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics.

All of our distinctive designs are available in both solid and vented panels.

Solid panels can also be used for a striking vertical siding installation, adding interest to entrances, dormers or gable end walls.
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The home that protects you can also help protect the environment. As a durable product with a long service life, Goddard vinyl siding can help reduce the depletion of wood and other precious natural resources commonly used in home construction. And because vinyl siding never needs to be painted, it helps prevent paint, stain, and other maintenance-related products from harming the earth by entering the waste stream or releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

And you might be surprised to know that eco-friendly vinyl is derived largely from common salt - a renewable and abundant natural resource!

DID YOU KNOW? Goddard Vinyl Siding...
  • Can contribute to achieving points in leading green building certification programs; insulated vinyl siding may help earn significantly more points.
  • Is friendlier to the environment than brick, stucco and fiber cement in terms of air pollution caused by production, fossil fuel consumption and global warming impact.1
  • Provides exemplary economic performance when evaluating costs associated with all life-cycle stages, from raw material acquisition to waste management.
  • Delivers superior environmental performance compared to other cladding based on the use of a life-cycle assessment tool compliant with ISO 14044.
  • Is safe to handle and install and poses no health risks to installers or inhabitants once installed.
  • Never needs paint or stain so it will not contribute maintenance-related chemicals to the waste stream.
  • Is a durable product that's engineered to last a "lifetime" on the home.*

1-USGBC LEED® for Homes Program Pilot Rating System, Page 114. BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) Study. January 2007.
*The NAHB has cited "lifetime" as the estimated life expectancy of vinyl siding on a home.